Testimonials; Family Dental - Louis J Feldman DDS, Cape May, NJ.

Dionysius Zervos -
When my crew and I came to Cape May to film the motion picture THE SHORE, we discovered a beautiful area and the best dentist ever. During filming, our leading actress, Izabell Miko (Coyote Ugly) needed some emergency dentistry and we didn't have time to take her to New York. Dr. Feldman stepped in and did a terrific job. I even started going to the office for MY check-ups!

Whenever I am on the East Coast, I make a visit to the Dentist. Dr. Feldman keeps my smile shining. I call him the Maestro of Dentistry. He is an artist among Dentists.

Ron Torretti -

My business allows me to travel extensively and live throughout the country, so I've been to a range of dentists— from the competent to the not so good. Now, I've learned to let only the best treat my mouth. After relocating my primary residence from Wildwood to Houston, Texas, I make a point to go to Dr. Feldman's office because of the professionalism and warmth of his practice. I consider him my friend as well as my doctor.
Richard L. Dreher -
The people of Cape May County are most fortunate with dental care. In Dr. Louis Feldman they have one of the best dentists on the east coast. From my own experience over the last 15 years, Dr. Feldman is a friendly, talented dentist who is an expert on taking care of teeth and is especially good with bridges.

Doc constantly studies new techniques and procedures. His dental “team” is very friendly, competent and compassionate. I have had at least four dentists as I moved down the east coast from Boston, as a salesman, including a professor at the New Jersey Dental School. Dr. Feldman is much better than any of them. I like him so much that I drive 110 miles from Pennsylvania, so he can take care of my dental needs. Protect your valuable assets by using him.